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Our actual work policy : first send your mail to with your files in an attachment and then call us 0736132398 for deliberation and an appointment for your timelock to pickup your order.

Pickup time: Monday to friday from 10.10 am to 5.00 pm and saturday from 10.10 am to 4.00 pm.

During the lockdown its not possible to wait inside or outside. You can only pick up by appointment and pay with PIN (preferably). When you’re here please knock on the door.

You can send your order with PDF file (s) by E-mail (files more than 20MB via WeTransfer), then please call us just afterwards for consultation (reserve time slot for collection, etc.) after that you only have to pick up and pay.

Mail us the documents you want printed, if these are large files you can use WeTransfer for free. State in the email how you want the documents printed (black / white / color, single-sided / double-sided, which format, which paper, etc.) Please put your telephone number in the e-mail so that we can also reach you if necessary. Call us just after you have emailed, so we can immediately reserve a time slot for you to pick up the order. Come by in the agreed time slot.

Wearing a mouth / nose mask is mandatory inside.

We wash / disinfect our hands after contact with USB sticks or bare money and of course we work without the symptoms of the disease. All prints are sterile due to the production process. And also the content of the copy shop is continuously refreshed by active supply and removal of outside or inside air and we have a VisionAirBlueLine air purifier (see which, in addition to particulate matter and ozone, also filters viruses, fungi and bacteria from the air (all air several times per hour) and of course we act in accordance with the Hygiene regulations of the RIVM.